Seek 35 is a multi-purpose store sectioned into zones featuring selections in Apparel, Lifestyle, and Appetite. The store offers over 200 brands of trendy and chic clothing, paired accessories, essential school and office supplies, home décor, organic items, and snacks, all of which have been cultivated to meet the needs of our diverse clientele.    

Apparel: As soon as you step into our shop, our goal is to make sure you never again experience a less-than-stellar shopping outing. If you’re an online shopper and have had the unfortunate experience of receiving damaged or ill-fitting products, worry not and make your way to our shop, where you can try on clothes that we have SOUGHT out for you. You can SEEK for “that ONE” perfect outfit out of over 50 brands.

Lifestyle: Here, you will find a knick-knack lover’s paradise bursting with school and office supplies, home décor, and more to test the limits of your imagination. This section offers a comprehensive amount of items at all prices, so if you’re on a budget, we promise you’ll still get a little something to take home with you.

Appetite: Seek 35 is a haven for both local and imported snacks and drinks. You’ll be impressed by our delightful packaging and the tasty goodies hidden within each parcel.

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