The First Beachfront Mall

A few years after the opening of Seenspace in 2011 , we have grasped  and sharpened our knowledge on lifestyle mall.We have a better understanding about our location , our visitors and our clients.With that said we came up with the idea of accomplishing another Seenspace , one in a location that disparates from Thonglor , one that incorporates open space and fresh air , along the abounding sensational activities.

Most importantly a lifestyle mall that is located in  a phenomenal atmosphere.With the idea of a bright blue sky and the light serene sea breeze , the town of HuaHin would be the ideal location for Seenspace

Why HuaHin ?

With its long history , HuaHin has been a fascination town and has always been compeling and classy for countless different eras.

Today with top world class hotels , resorts and spa , more than five million tourists visit HuaHin every year, more than 4,500 units of luxury residential project and condominiums will be completed and more than 20,000 foreigners who owns a vacation house in the area

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