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At Oasis, sit back and relax while you savor a refreshing drink, rich food, and incredible views all at once. Ideally located, our bar offers guests the opportunity to lounge by a beautiful infinity pool complete with a combined panoramic view of ocean and sky, as well as live music from renowned DJs.

Oasis is the pinnacle of divine beachfront dining, catering to your every need and desire.

sundance lounge

Soft rays of light pass through towering panes of rectangular glass, gleaming with an unparalleled radiance as they fall across a checkerboard floor and welcome you into Sundance Lounge. As you pass through a set of twin doors cased in shimmering gold into this light, prepare to enter a world that is the enchanting pinnacle of elegance. Our goal is to whisk you away into another realm, where we offer you the sensuous flavors of exquisite teas that will tease your taste buds and send them spiraling into fits of delight. There is nothing better than sipping tea in this exclusive environment, enfolded by cozy sofas and chairs amidst vibrant boughs of trees and plants. 


If you’re looking for delicious food that nourishes your health simultaneously, you won’t be disappointed by visiting Tanya. Here, you can find organic dishes with local ingredients. Each dish is put together carefully by our chefs, with no preservatives allowed, not even in the chili paste! We recommend that you pair your main dish with our specialty tropical fruit juice.

burnning daylight

A 90s inspired café decorated with neon lights and an eclectic mix of furniture and spaces (we promise it’s the perfect corner for your next social media post). You can cool down after a day of fun in the sun by ordering our signature drink: You Are My Sunshine. Or, if it’s your desire, you can pair this beverage with our mouthwatering red velvet waffle served with a plethora of berries, marshmallows, white chocolate sauce, and a scoop of chocolate ice-cream.


What’s better than creating your own signature drink? This Havana inspired bar operates under the principle that you should be able to CIY (create it yourself), as picking out your ingredients and tasting the final mixture
is a true pleasure that everyone should have.

Italasia provides all types of imported beverages, from wine and liquor to flavored syrups and even mineral
water. We also offer fine china and kitchenware to take home with you and continue your cooking experience. Don’t wait! Come and make your signature cocktail today.


A price friendly open bar and kiosk providing every sort of food option imaginable!

If you’re craving authentic Thai food, DER is the ultimate destination for you. This restaurant is famed for its cooks, who can satisfy your palette with top tier Isan food; from somtum to larb to yum,DER has it all and more.


When it comes to food and beers, there’s no match for HOBS. Established in 2008, this restaurant has multiple branches throughout Thailand; however,this branch of HOBS is unlike any other in Thailand.

Our interior designer was inspired by the idea of a welcoming Beach House, which gives you the sense
of being in a ship. For those wanting to get closer to the ocean, there’s asubstantial terrace that stretches out into the ocean.

Are you ready to enjoythe once-in- a-lifetime experience of sipping your beer and enjoying the sunset
at the same time.